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Alex Lasarev is on the spiritual path - andinterviews guests on their journey to self-realization. Getting Into our hearts, escaping the matrix, and discovering the bliss that awaits us in the recognition that we are all one, will be the core themes. Nothing is off limits.... except refusing to learn to love ;) Are You Ready To Get Woke? If so, this is the podcast for you....
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Dec 6, 2018

The last episode with Shae was one of our best, and this one is absolutely no different.

It was honestly difficult to take notes for this podcast, because it was just so freaking deep.

We get into:

- Sasha coming back to reality and his business after his deep spiritual journey

- The middle path

- Self enquiry, and the pursuit of enlightenment

- Pathways to waking up and losing egoic constructs

- Reality has structures, rules, and things to teach us

- Humanity's disconnection to the Divine

- Balancing your perception and relationship with reality

- Helpful practices/mindsets for grounding and connecting

- Navigating reality and waking up to who you are

- Authenticity, alignment, and living your own truth

- People are unfolding and having spiritual crises

- The Hero's journey

- Suffering and limitations are a subjective choice

- Conscious understanding of our unconsciousness

- Centering in opposing forces and polarity

- People are children in adult bodies

- Going through spiritual initiations and shadow work

- People are sleepwalking through life

- Life taking things from you as lessons

You can download this episode, and all other episodes at

Dec 2, 2018

In this episode of the Woke as Fuck podcast, we bring back Jane Tepley.

Jane is a two-time Infinite Man Summit speaker, and founder of Ariya Warrior Mind Training.
We get into:

- How Sasha met Jane, after a mutual friend's Dark Night of the Soul
- The dangers of taking Ayahuasca without proper precautions
- Seeing auras
- Attatched entities causing health and mental problems
- Societal structure being open to other-worldly attack
- How to identify and protect yourself from entities
- The power of mantras and prayers
- Good practices for prayers and requests
- Getting what you need, not necessarily what you want
- How Jane became who she is... 2000 years ago
- The meaning of the word "Ariya"
- Sasha's crazy spiritual experience in London
- Staying in a calm, meditative state
- Aligning your mind with the heart
- Moving your consciousness to any of the Chakras
- The nature of enlightenment



Jane's website -
Jane's new book -
Jed McKenna's books -

Nov 4, 2018

In this episode of the Woke as Fuck Podcast, we bring back Jon Matrix and Henry Lee.


Jon will be at the Infinite Man Summit in Acapulco, February 2019, bringing wisdom with him from his experience at Planet Kambo, a London-based company dedicated to using Amazonian frog venom to detoxify and heal people.


In this podcast, we dive deep into:


- The link between emotional and physical pain, and healing without medicine.

- Sasha’s own experiences with childhood trauma and spiritual pain.

- The horrible effects of circumcision on a baby boy.

- Foreskin restoration.

- The male inclination to bottle emotions.

- Religion, it’s allegorical origins, and it’s heart in enlightenment.

- True evil is rare, but a lot of good people are brainwashed.

- The nature of enlightenment, the Hawkins’ scale, and the different levels of consciousness.

- The nature of reality, and the similarities between waking and dream states.

- The most direct way to manifest something.

- Faith healing and the placebo effect.

- Hypnotherapy for pain treatment.

- The trauma of modern birthing, and reliving early childhood trauma.

- Kambo: What it is, and how it can be used to detox your system.

- Sasha’s no-mind spiritual experience.


It’s a wild ride, and one of our deepest podcasts yet. Keep the discussion going in the comments section.




- Healing Back Pain by John Sarno -

- The Rocky Horror Tantra Book -

- Jim Newman -

- David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness and Books -

- The work of Tom Campbell -

- Bentinho Massaro -

- Planet Kambo -

- Jed McKenna’s books –

Nov 3, 2018

Welcome to Part 2 of the Peter Sage interview! In one of the best interviews to date on the Woke As Fuck Podcast, Sage has blown our minds open with the revelations he has learned as a businessman, healer and coach for Tony Robins.
Now we bring you part 2 of that interview, where Alex and Sage deep dive into:
Helping people who are suffering… and how to balance the urge to impose vs waiting for an invitation
The morality of intervening in the lives of your loved ones, and how Peter forced his mother to face her demons and heal her alcoholism
How you’re a star in your own life, but an extra in everyone else’s
If you want something for someone else more than they do, you’re wasting your freaking time
Fear and Love—the two corridors of attitude and behavior, and how you can choose
How the deterministic survival-of-the-fittest worldview works against you as a completely fear-based, cortisol-dominated existence
How to help from a place of cooperation and mutual support
Why people won’t read to help themselves or change their perspectives, and how many get “secondary gain” from a living fear-based existence
Fear based mentality and identity loss
Who are you without your problems? Do you define yourself through your problems?
Fuck science! And Newtonian addiction
How to use science to wake people up
The sidelining of the metaphysical by the scientific mainstream
What is good science?
Calibrating your presentation of truth to the awareness level of your audience—speak to them in a language they understand
Pacifism is not necessarily love
One monk’s struggle to confront his spiritual beliefs when he realized he had to go to war
What love is NOT
Fear of death
Developing your own Identity Statement… and using it as a tool to become more powerful in your life
Alex gets Peter Sage to share his identity statement—who he has decided to be—and his mission here on Earth
The hardest thing to do—surrendering your fear
Choosing love instead of fear
How Sage suddenly found himself in prison… in the most violent prison in England. And why he wouldn’t trade a second of it.
Sage’s project to shift the entire fundamental mindset of the prison system… globally
Sage’s immortal Movie Metaphor for life… and how you can use it to view and navigate all events in your life to maximize your development in crises (absolutely incredible)
This interview is unmissable.

Sep 27, 2018

Awareness levels, spiritual calibration method, ascendance… in this episode, we meet a man whose unique view of, and relationship to life has inspired tens of thousands of people worldwide to reinvent themselves. Peter Sage, well-known international & serial entrepreneur, author, philosopher and teacher, has met 10,000 people. At least. And how many people has he met that are at a high-level of consciousness in their hearts and are at service to the rest of us? Twelve. And… he says Alex is one of them. “Let’s find out where you came from, and what did you do… to become who you are today?” Alex asks. “THAT is fascinating.” We hear that story in this epic episode of the WOKE podcast. We also get a deep inside glimpse into: Ordinary Decent Criminals – Peter’s father was one of them How advancing in the spiritual realm increases the ability of self-reflection A massive milestone you MUST hit to make real progress in your spiritual journey and emotional maturity Peter’s profound insight that permanently woke him up—this realization left him unable to function for two days The major factor that gave Peter the gift of true understanding What happens when you realize you DON’T HAVE MEMORIES… you have constructs based upon your perception of the opinions of other people The cult-ural belief that you need an education to be successful How we all have an unconscious primary question that drives us, that we ask below the radar constantly The fear that we’re not enough WHY we’re here Alex’s short rant on people who just won’t take a risk Why you may learn more from painful experiences than you do from pleasurable ones The ONE THING many people need in order to realize their true potential Looking at “slaps” from life as an urge to get out of bed and seize the day The aspect of us that is ran by our unconscious patterns, and the first step to rising above this The COST of awareness Head consciousness vs Heart consciousness Your spiritual ego, its location in the levels of consciousness, and how this applies to your spiritual growth Earth School! And its laws Every level of consciousness is simply a more appropriate choice than the level before it Sage gives us a shocking statistic from Hawkings calibration on the percentage of people who “leave” vs those who stay when they reach the awareness level of 600 Those who exist solely to counterbalance The requirement of sleep – and its correlation with a higher level of consciousness Stay tuned for Part 2 of this INCREDIBLE interview.

Sep 7, 2018

In this gorilla-style podcast, recorded during a wilderness survival training trip, Alex interviews a guy with a kiwi accent and belief system that isn’t crap—Buddhism. But first he has him say some funny things in New Zealand accent. Gotta start off right.
Rafael tells us the story of his spiritual journey, and how he began traveling with a Buddha Dharma master at age 19, skipping some prime years of sexual activity in favor of being a traveling monk...
Hit play now on this episode to hear:
How you’re treated when you join a Buddhist temple
The selfishness of wisdom
What happens when you over-prioritize spirituality…
The essence of freedom and liberation… and the deceptively simple way to achieve them
Master ONE THING…and you’ll never starve
Suffering… and the end of suffering
What Buddhism really means, and the Buddha Dharma
The Four Noble Truths, and how you can apply them in your spiritual advancement
The six qualities that you must use to reach spiritual liberation
The goal of the path of Buddha Dharma, in one sentence
The Two In One Truth – and what happens when you can combine them
How Rafael SNAPPED when he was 24, and decided to leave the monk lifestyle and have sex with girls and get drunk
How Rafael changed during his years of traveling with his master
PROSTRATION… on your knees, bitch
Tibetan Buddhist Empowerment Traditions
“Picking and mixing” from various disciplines and practices
The power of the presence of the teacher… even if you already know what he has to say
Muscle testing to find someone’s level of awareness
The four stages of enlightenment
All the men who are attracted to Alex… and why
The “one-level up” principle of learning a new skill from someone
What happens to your life when you clear your own inner blockages
Rafael’s crazy experiences during his purifications that transformed him completely
How SOMETHING in us is awake… always
HOMOSEXUALITY… but we’re not going to talk about that
The amazing sensation of LUCID DREAMING… and how to do it

Jul 27, 2018

Welcome to the second Kennycast with Kenny The Anarchist Vegan Chef!
Alex and Kenny start off with normal conversation about maintaining balance in life, letting go of need, manifesting... then this podcast takes a wild twist when Kenny reveals his dark past, his relationship with a stripper, and Alex tells us to drink our own urine.

Just hit "play."

Other things discussed in this episode are:

Letting go of need for approval, for socializing, for FOOD... and being content in your own being

Holding your vibration and focusing on self and manifestation

Alex's plans for his property in Ecuador

The future - and present - of social media

We start getting into breatharianism and diet... then we take a sudden deep dive into Kenny's unhealthy relationship with a drugs, alcohol, and a stripper...

Kenny's brutal pain that he was trying to cover up, and how he finally broke out and created a new life for himself

How Kenny got kicked out of school again and again for not playing the game - and how he hated himself when he created a more compliant persona

Kenny's "multiple character realization" that woke him up and helped him out of his depression

Alex shares his insight into the true key to using psychedelics effectively

How Kenny barely feels the need to eat... even though he's a cook

Killing parasites by dry fasting

How to be more pranic

Getting rid of programs, acting mindfully, and letting your body (rather than your programming) decide when to eat

Our beliefs and where they come from - and 90% of what most people believe is the COMPLETE opposite of the truth

Drink your own urine!

What happens when you realize that everyone's opinions are wrong

The insane level of brainwashing afflicting society now

Clearing energetic blockages from your system

Alex reveals his secret plans for his property in Ecuador

Are you offended by TURKEY!? Alex gives crazy examples of people being offended by things he's said, and uses a batman voice to impersonate a woman who was offended by him

Anarchy = taking full responsibility for yourself

Freedom of speech vs voluntarism

Making money on

Jul 2, 2018

THIS is a crazy one...

Duncan Stroud is living as a fugitive from American “justice” in Argentina. But we’ll get to that part later.

First we need to hear about the insane journey of his life as he goes from being homeless, to owning an apartment in the most desirable area of New York rent-free for 100+ years, to nearly dying, and narrowly having his life saved by his ex-wife as she tries to destroy him...

Just listen.

You’ll also hear about:

How Duncan ended up living in Argentina without a passport

How to get and use a fake passport

Out of body experiences - how Duncan had his first one in a swimming pool

Duncan’s experience on the edge of the desert at the age of 4 that changed him forever

Duncan’s unique Sunday school observation that wasn’t received well...

Why you don’t have to find your path

Some of Duncan’s crazy spiritual experiences

Insane synchronicity, and creating your reality

Magick... the true nature of intention, and why we’re all magicians

How to create your reality

We’re all performing magic all the time

Alex’s story from when he was homeless

The one decision you have to make during hard times - and why hard times are a gift

The dawning of a new age, vast armies, and other visions of the future Duncan has had

Duncan’s insane book - and where to find it

Apr 4, 2018

In this episode Alex interviews...

Benny Wills of JOYCAAAMP!!

Drugs, poetry, the Matrix and self-realization permeate this podcast as we learn the story that has created the phenomenon of Benny Wills.

Just to skim the surface of their conversation, Alex and Benny dig into:

Benny’s anarchism, and how his life drew him to seek truth

Benny’s experience of school

Living a compromised life - living in the fear based “survival mentality,” vs. living a full life in “abundance mentality,” and breaking out of the Matrix

Benny’s path to performing poetry onstage

The evolution of Benny’s activism

Allowing yourself to pursue your “off-ramps” in life - and how both Alex and Benny did this with brilliant results

Alex puts Benny on the spot, and gets Benn to rap us a poem!

Benny shares his spiritual views - how a certain psychedelic drug boosted his inner development, and his connection to Life itself

Benny’s daily practice - and his favorite plant to facilitate it

How psychedelics have changed Benny’s relationship with nature, and... Mosquitos!?

Sacrificing your energy at the Alter of Anger - how Benny released himself from those shackles

What happens every time we make peace with anything

The Matrix is a beautiful gift!
Alex drops a bomb on us - he explains the amazing opportunity we are presented through the Matrix... and the beautiful gift that only it could give

Earth is Eden! And every test is an opportunity

What’s next for Benny and JoyCamp, his poetry and comedy skit YouTube channel

The phenomenal effects on your entire being of creating art - how it acts a vehicle for a rich, amazing life

Mar 22, 2018

Jeff felt like a zombie in his own life. Moving but not feeling.

He was successful, well-traveled, had lots of great friends and was doing a lot of cool things. By 45, he'd been everywhere and done everything.

But he was only going through the motions.

In this episode, Alex gets Jeff Berwick to open up, take off his Dollar Vigilante mask and delve deep into his amazing journey to mental, physical, and emotional soundness.

Covered in this episode:

Jeff’s amazing, successful life… and how he felt like a robot just going through the motions

Kill yourself… or get better. How for Jeff it came down to either pulling the trigger, or saying f*ck it and just doing what he had to do to improve his inner state

Jeff’s TORTUROUS experience with Ahuyuasca, and the temporary effects he experienced

Jeff’s decision to do the craziest drug known to man... why it was the hardest thing he’s ever done in his life… and perhaps the most important

Coffee enemas, relaxation music, hypnotherapy and other things that have been helping Jeff feel better than ever

The body-mind connection, and how Jeff balances both

How we have been programmed out of being happy by the education-indoctrination system

How many people RESIST improving in any way. (You can’t help them.)

The hints that the Universe throws at you to get you to wake up from your unconscious existence

Why it’s GOOD for you to get “smacked down” by the universe when you’re on the wrong track for your best self—and what would’ve became of Jeff if it hadn’t happened to him

The one question you need to ask to get massive personal growth FAST (Alex tosses this one out off-hand so be sure to listen close for it!)

Faith!? And how it’s not total bullshit…

Fear… how you can decide to never feel it again. Ever.

How to literally enter another timeline--the crazy thing that happens when you change yourself

Living in your head—the most fun way to live! (Not…)

Jeff gives life advice! The “just see what happens” approach…

Fasting— how it can change your life overnight

Trolls! and how Jeff feels about them

Hugs 'n Drugs

Mar 3, 2018

Welcome to another Woke as Fvck podcast!

In this episode, Becket Tsigani and Alex discuss:

Getting sucked back into the matrix in London

Deep dream insights, how lucid dreaming can help you remember your true self... and remind you of your power over your "real" life

What happened when Alex opened himself up to the state of compassion...

Compassion vs. security

How the true "zombie apocalypse" is actually happening

The choice between cutting yourself off... and freedom

Who's your master? (Where is your life energy going...)

The one question that everyone must face... and how the answer will change your life

Alignment within your Self, your life and business... and Alex's evolutionary vision for a new life/business model

What if you don't know your life/destiny path? (Hint: LEAN into the feeling...)

And your built-in guidance system for an adventurous, fulfilling life

Becca is speaking @ the next Infinite Man Summit (<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"></a>
Becca's Website is <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"></a>


Feb 3, 2018

This one is WILD.

This epic episode is all about an insane practice called Chronic Living Initiation...


Alex hasn't eaten in ten days. And he doesn't need food.


His body has shifted to living completely off of "prana"...


In this Woke AF podcast he interviews Ray, the man who taught him the art of continuous fasting.


Some of the crazy things covered in this episode include:


How Alex no longer has to eat to live


Minimizing the amount of food the body needs and surviving on LIGHT alone


The circumstances that made Ray decide to stop eating... almost completely


How Ray's life has changed since he stopped eating - health, Changing the Engine, time benefits...


How the transition was easier than you'd expect - even though Alex LOOOVES food and is always thirsty


The high levels of consciousness achievable by dry-fasting and going through the Chronic Living Initiation


The Gateway Factor of transforming one aspect of your life, and transforming every part of your life as a result




Astral sex... again


Lucid dreaming and astral schools


How food is a MENACE in society today




What to do if you want to undergo the same MASSIVE transformation Alex did


And how belief influences what your body needs to thrive


This one is unmissable!


Alex wi'll be posting updates on his breatharian adventure over on steemit:

Jan 22, 2018

In this episode, with roosters crowing in the background, Alex talks with Zia and Roshni, two experienced practitioners of the art of permaculture.

Dig in to hear Zia and Roshni’s fascinating stories of their experiences working with nature, as well as...

  • Why permaculture is incredibly important - for both you and the land
  • Self reliance
  • The benefits of getting out of the U.S.A.
  • The concept of Ayni, and how permaculture works
  • How human consciousness is linked to the evolution of the earth
  • How bio-dynamics gives us a way to reinvigorate the earth with life force, and in turn, ourselves
  • Tuning into plants, and getting a deeper understanding of them for your own inner advancement
  • Applying the “Golden Rule” to the earth
  • Roshni’s experiences with nature’s responses to his permaculture preparations
  • How AMAZING food grown in biodynamically prepared soil tastes
  • Roshni and Zia’s crazy mystical experiences with nature and plant spirits

and more, as always. Enjoy

Jan 5, 2018

In this episode:

Alex does some live channeling, and talks about his experiences channeling, and how to open yourself up to receive love and wisdom from them and the universe.

Astral sex and orgasms

Non-attachment, and how approval and criticism feels (or doesn't) when you're in a non-ego state

Spiritual Parasites and Egregores, how they manifest, and the best way to deal with them

The wisdom of "Inspired Action"

Mentally reframing your work to motivate yourself

Using a "Samurai Mindset" to overcome struggles

"Matrix Energetics," and stories of using belief to survive life-threatening events

Alex's theory on shifting timelines on this plane for your own spiritual advancement

Dian's blockchain analogy for shifting timelines

Aliens! And related phenomena


Dec 29, 2017

The Influences of Stray thoughts and Egregores


Getting “online” and Following your internal GPS

The dangers of lacking self love

Why we fear enlightenment

The importance of cleansing the body

How tough times help us on our path

How genuine intention/hunger is crucial to (spiritual) growth

The importance of mastering lucid dreaming

A Personal Mandela effect Story (or two)

Nov 8, 2017

What is “Connection?” and how do we stay connected while living in big cities?


Are we all doing drugs and drinking to feel “connection?”


Who is Thoth and why is he important?


Is Archangel Michael a bit of an slut? :P


Are these types of beings individualized?


Filling the pineal gland with light


The connection between your heart and the sky


Being happy in the moment


The importance of completing your shamanic journey

...tons more!



Oct 30, 2017

Lots of amusing stories – super fun, so enjoy!

You'll discover the how to free yourself from the matrix by creating social tension in intimate environments ;)

The importance of adopting life affirming attitudes and avoiding death affirming ones

The effects of Starlight on humans

And How we are all channeling all the time - we just need to listen!



Oct 13, 2017

My San Pedro trips have always been beautiful experiences …. this time was a bit more challenging - but hey, it makes for a fun podcast! ;) Whether you are experienced, curious, or just want to enjoy a fun story - buckle up!


Also we talk about:


Healing effects of: Dancing Naked in the Rain

The Sun as a transmitter of information

Jack Cruz's Redox Potential

Avoiding Damaging Artificial Blue Light

Damaging effects of EMF fields and Wifi Signals

how to program your “water” to be healing

Pyramid power

Scalar waves

Removing Cancer using black salve


Aug 28, 2017

On this episode Alex is joined by Max Igan, researcher, radio host, and film-maker.

They cover:

Questioning the Stories,
Heartspace is the Answer,
The Mandela Effect,
The Prison of the Mind,
Addicted to What Does Not Matter,
The Elite & Human Harvesting,
Distorted Sexuality,
Donald Trump - A Double Agent?

and more

Jul 29, 2017

Fun hangs with professional YouTuber, Comedian, and spiritual DUDE, JP Sears. 

This episode is possibly the most fun I've had recording an episode so far. If you're looking to smile for 40 mins straight, listen to this.

Jul 20, 2017

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking:

"You could never get... Sungazing, Treasure Hunting, the benefits of Ormus as well as the Mandela Effect in one podcast"

But, you'd be wrong.

Enjoy my podcast here with Bill the Treasure Hunter.

Jun 22, 2017

The new WOKE AF episode is here! 

Special guest is Foster Gamble!

Epic episode and we covered:

- Global awakening and his amazing movie "Thrive"

- Foster Gamble's life and his exploration of non-violent conflict resolution, aikido, the non aggression principal.

- Freedom and the liberty movement.

- Free energy, hidden technology, and the project to spread the wealth.



May 12, 2017

This week Alex is joined by Christopher Kramer to discuss why he created onG Social - a new social media alternative to Facebook, Twitter, and Google's YouTube that puts the power BACK in to the hands of the user. Get paid to surf the web and use social media with this amazing platform.

Apr 28, 2017

Ben Greenfield spills his guts (figuratively) and gives us the download on achieving EPIC HEALTH.

We cover:

What Ben eats daily.

Intermittent fasting. 

Putting things in your bum. 

Curing cancer.

Detoxing your house and environment. 

Jumping jacks and avocados.

How to stay healthy and fly.

Psilocybin trips.

Spiritual sex.

Ben's 3 daily spiritual practices.

Staying grounded when traveling the globe.


and MORE.

How can we really experience joy and bliss on earth if our temples are not healthy and fit? Don't skip this episode!

Apr 23, 2017

We go DEEPER down the rabbit hole and pretty much reveal what we've all got to do to exit the delusion of the matrix... and create joy and meaning in our lives.

Are you ready to get woke?

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