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Alex Lasarev is on the spiritual path - andinterviews guests on their journey to self-realization. Getting Into our hearts, escaping the matrix, and discovering the bliss that awaits us in the recognition that we are all one, will be the core themes. Nothing is off limits.... except refusing to learn to love ;) Are You Ready To Get Woke? If so, this is the podcast for you....
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Dec 26, 2018

On this episode we bring on Paul and Cathy, energy healers, who are in Ecuador to meet their tribe and change the planet.

- What Paul and Kathie do, and Quantum-Touch

- Pure genius

- Paul's drowning experience

- Higher vibrations, and recognizing the soul family

- Giving yourself room for your humanity

- Sitting with your emotions

- Holding pain in the body

- Having faith in the Divine

- Get out of your way

- Kathie and Paul's stories

- Most people spend their lives managing their suffering

- The need for significance and running from fear

- We're already the Divine, we just have to remember

- Paul and Kathie's money ritual

- Start with breath-work

- Act as the highest version of yourself in every moment


Ram Dass -

Paul and Kathie's website -

A Course in Miracles -

Dec 19, 2018

On this episode of the podcast Sasha brings on his friend Boris to talk about self love, cleaning your past, and connecting with source.

We get in to:

- Sasha and Boris are aliens

- Our planet and society is running on fear, lack, and separation

- Sasha's path of healing and discovery

- Dealing with trauma before you can discover truth

- The Matrix is here for our awakening

- Boris' relationship with the Divine

- Why do we resist awakening?

- You are worthy, there's nothing you need to do

- Being disciplined and taking care of yourself

- Justifying bad conditions with "could be worse"

- Waking up to the Truth

- Your relationship with the Divine is a partnership, not a free ride

- You have to "clean your house"

- Dopamine traps

- Why is it so hard to be happy?

- The shortcut to connecting with Source

- Who are we choosing to be?

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Dec 11, 2018

In this episode of The Woke as Fuck Podcast, we bring back Duncan Stroud and Spiro from WordPorn.

We talk about:

- The I Ching: what it is, and how it can affect your life

- The different versions of the I Ching

- How to use the I Ching

- Duncan's radioactive random number generator

- Sasha's plan to smuggle Duncan out of Argentina

- Duncan's experiences coming back to the US

- The most important driving forces in our lives

- Resistance, and being a servant to the universe

- The nature and rules of reality - Manifestation

- Sasha's crazy "conscious rain" story

- Is there an end game?

- The nature and form of souls

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- Duncan's book:

- Duncan's website:

- Duncan's other podcast:

- Spiro's channel:

- The Zohar:

Dec 6, 2018

The last episode with Shae was one of our best, and this one is absolutely no different.

It was honestly difficult to take notes for this podcast, because it was just so freaking deep.

We get into:

- Sasha coming back to reality and his business after his deep spiritual journey

- The middle path

- Self enquiry, and the pursuit of enlightenment

- Pathways to waking up and losing egoic constructs

- Reality has structures, rules, and things to teach us

- Humanity's disconnection to the Divine

- Balancing your perception and relationship with reality

- Helpful practices/mindsets for grounding and connecting

- Navigating reality and waking up to who you are

- Authenticity, alignment, and living your own truth

- People are unfolding and having spiritual crises

- The Hero's journey

- Suffering and limitations are a subjective choice

- Conscious understanding of our unconsciousness

- Centering in opposing forces and polarity

- People are children in adult bodies

- Going through spiritual initiations and shadow work

- People are sleepwalking through life

- Life taking things from you as lessons

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Dec 2, 2018

In this episode of the Woke as Fuck podcast, we bring back Jane Tepley.

Jane is a two-time Infinite Man Summit speaker, and founder of Ariya Warrior Mind Training.
We get into:

- How Sasha met Jane, after a mutual friend's Dark Night of the Soul
- The dangers of taking Ayahuasca without proper precautions
- Seeing auras
- Attatched entities causing health and mental problems
- Societal structure being open to other-worldly attack
- How to identify and protect yourself from entities
- The power of mantras and prayers
- Good practices for prayers and requests
- Getting what you need, not necessarily what you want
- How Jane became who she is... 2000 years ago
- The meaning of the word "Ariya"
- Sasha's crazy spiritual experience in London
- Staying in a calm, meditative state
- Aligning your mind with the heart
- Moving your consciousness to any of the Chakras
- The nature of enlightenment



Jane's website -
Jane's new book -
Jed McKenna's books -